Another common risk when buying a used vehicle is that it has a hidden mechanical problem. For this reason it is very important to carry out a thorough mechanical inspection of the vehicle you intend to purchase, possibly taking it to a trusted mechanic.

Buying a new car: pros and cons

New cars have many advantages, but also two disadvantages, but they are so great that they need to be carefully considered.   The new car is up-to-date in every respect: it integrates the latest technologies in both the engines and the infotainment system . The new generation engines consume and pollute less , so you can leave the nightmares of the traffic block behind (almost all new cars are now Euro 6D promulgated used cars in sacramento.

The reliability of the new car is maximum as consumption is zero and in any case the new vehicle has a full guarantee. We can then choose the color, the interior, the engine and any options. The real big problem with new cars is the price, which can be high. Moreover (and this is the second problem of new vehicles) the devaluation after the first two years can even reach 20-25% of the initial price.  Considering these last two factors in particular, 0 km cars become attractive  : they are cars used by dealerships as  show cars  to show to potential customers, but which have traveled tens of kilometers at most to move from one showroom to another. Most often they cost the price of the base model, but they have better equipment, it just can’t be adjusted.

How to consciously buy a 0 km car: all the tips new car advantages

When is it worth buying a new car

In some cases it is preferable to buy a new car rather than a used car if you want a vehicle that perfectly suits your needs. In the showroom it is possible to choose all the technical and aesthetic aspects of the car, from the color of the exterior to the quality of the upholstery, especially by inserting the standard options you want.

A new car will inevitably be more comfortable and practical, offering greater driving comfort than a used one. This option is suitable for those who want to be the sole owner of the car, avoiding the risks of aggressive or careless use of the vehicle, with the danger of finding themselves with a damaged car or with some worn elements.

When it is not worth buying a new car

When you are buying a new car  is not suitable for those who want to save money on the price , in fact, a used car will always be cheaper from an economic point of view. The same goes for people who don’t pay much attention to the car’s equipment, settling for some of the main accessories.

New cars are also not suitable for those who want to buy a second vehicle, for example to have a car to accompany the motorcycle for travel or the winter season, without however spending too much since it is not the main vehicle.