Purchasing Mops is the most difficult task to do. Every mop has its uniqueness, operating system, and effectiveness. Their mops are customized according to the type of floors one has in the house. The fabric of the mops is equally important as they the ones who help in making the house germ-free.

Cotton, microfibre, and blended fabrics are used to make the mops. Some mops are expensive but durable whereas some are durable but less effective. This issue is usually faced when the fabric of the mop doesn’t suit the floor. The water absorption and cleaning capabilities are largely dependent on the type of fabric and floor. The best mop for any type of floor is a microfiber mop.

microfiber mop

What are the features of a microfiber mop?

  • They are the most durable mop.
  • It removes rigid stains from the floor easily.
  • It has tough edges that are capable of cleaning every dirty corner of the floor.
  • It is capable of creating friction between the floor and the cleaning fabric of the mop.
  • It requires less manual pressure to clean hard and saturated stains on the floor.
  • The pad of the mop is washable, thick, and reusable.
  • The allows the user to fill warm water and cleaning solutions in the mop for a complete dirt-free and germ-free cleaning.

With all the above characteristics the microfibre mop has made its own space in the houses of millions. There are varied styles and shapes of the mop that weigh less and facilitate swift cleaning.

What are you waiting for? Bring the microfiber mop home!