Dawood and his wife, mariyamdawood are great humans with enormous kindness; they started the business and assisted in the production of refrigerators. Because Dawood is a social worker, the company’s sales have increased significantly. Initially, they focused on the production of refrigeration, but after selling them quickly, they expanded their business.These two beautiful people have supported the Dawood Foundation with Bashir Dawood, and Mariyam Dawoodhas been a significant donor to the relief effort in Pakistan for many years.

For many decades, the foundation has played a critical role in providing disaster assistance to those in greatest need.Voluntary workers, supported by Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood, have worked hard to assist people in need. Thousands of disaster-affected families have benefited from the efforts, which have included fund-raising, the procurement of food and shelter supplies, as well as the provision of other amenities.

Enormous support to many people

In every situation, the Dawood Foundation has been there to help: whether it is alleviating the effects of drought, reconstructing a community that has been devastated by fire, or providing flood shelters. Since the organization’s founding in 1960, they have maintained an unbroken dedication to humanitarian activities.

Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood made their presence during the opening of the Operation Theatres at Aga Khan University. Compassion, empathy, and solidarity are values that they held. They think that human compassion knows no frontiers, limitations, or constraints. The efforts to help disaster-affected people worldwide have been guided by this principle, which has led over the Pakistani border.

According to humanitarians Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood Have a Passion for the Youth. There is much more to life than just providing basic survival requirements such as food, healthcare, and educational opportunities.Bashir Dawood and his wife Mariyam Dawood joined with the YMCA Project Bridge Youth Centre in Singapore to offer select fortunate teenagers a taste of life on the fast track.


The goal was to assist underprivileged teens and at-risk youngsters. They took a group of fifteen youngsters to the Marina Bay Street Circuit to let them indulge in watching the Formula One auto-racing event live as part of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend! In addition, the fabulouspair treated the fortunate teenagers to a mouth-watering buffet feast at Singapore Club Suite as well as a spellbinding magic performance at the hotel. For the youth center participants from the YMCA Project Bridge Youth Center, it was an experiencethat lasts to their lives. For them, it was a night filled with fast vehicles, delicious food, and breathtaking performances that they would remember for a long time.

Because of the generosity of Bashir and Mariyam Dawood, they have been able to expand the foundation and launch several charitable initiatives across the Pakistan area. Join them now and help them make a genuine impact in the world.