With a large marking surface, the cup personalized to your image offers excellent visibility to your brand. Disposable, single-use or reusable, the cardboard or PLA plastic cup allows sustainable communication at low cost on recyclable packaging. The cardboard cup and the plastic glass are indeed two essentials in the world of fast food. Many companies you a wide choice of ecological and recyclable containers. Available in many shapes, with different filling capacities, with or without graduation per centilitre, find the cup that suits you! The customizable cup is widely used by fast-food restaurants, but also by event organizers,

Opt for the single serve ice cream cups, customizable cups! This ecological cup has become essential innovative support. Many you can personalize your cups by affixing your logo or visual. The personalization of your glasses is made in many countries in compliance with standards for materials intended to come into contact with food products. Reduce waste at the source by using eco-friendly cups!

The disposable cups are part of the great family. Used extensively in fast-food restaurants, often present at outdoor picnic-type events, disposable cups have evolved and still evolve today with anti-plastic laws in favour of the preservation of the environment. The materials change, and the way to personalize your cups too.

Disposable cups are widely used for take-out, whether for ice creams, tea, coffee, herbal tea or water, sodas, smoothies, etc. or solid foods fresh fruit salad, etc. Used for their convenience, disposable cups are then used for nomadic use, for a quick lunch in a park, in transport, when travelling, while travelling. As once used, they are thrown in the trash.

Disposable cups and glasses are also present at parties and events, to avoid going through the crockery and or deposit box. Disposable cups are available in a multitude of sizes and capacities for all preparations.

At the base, the cups made of cardboard, paper, bamboo or sugar cane pulp will be white, beige or brown. To bring some pep, visibility to your company or your event, to carry your message or the colours and the logo of your brand, it is possible to personalize them thanks to the four-colour printing.

The bamboo disposable cups themselves are also customizable. Many customization possibilities are therefore available to you for disposable cups! This is not just for cardboard cups.

For your events, your themed evenings and to enhance your birthday decorations, it is an undeniable marketing asset. The colour printing on the outside of your cups allows you to communicate your values ​​or your positioning. Today, there is no need to limit yourself to 1 or 2 colours, four-colour printing is often available and it is possible to print quality photos, shades or colour gradients.