The Chakras, according to Eastern knowledge and traditions, are 7 receptive points of our body in which the vital energies reside, positioned along the spine, and where each point corresponds to an organ of our body. The Hot Stone massage aims to wake up and reactivate the energy of these points , through the application of hot stones on the chakra points, starting from the bottom up (depending on the method). By doing so, the energy “awakens”, moving up the body, opening the energy channels and the flow massage therapist in Hutto.

Hot Stone Massages with cold stones

Another version of the Hot Stone massage is the Cold Stone Massage (Cold Stone Massage), that is, stones that are no longer hot but cold. During the massage, stones such as quartz and marble are used, previously cooled. This type of stone therapy is indicated for those who do sports, for those suffering from capillary fragility and to reactivate the micro circulation.

Who is the Hot Stone Massage not recommended for?

This type of treatment is usually not recommended for pregnant women, those with open wounds or lesions on the skin, severe heart problems, and is not suitable for children. As stones are placed at high temperatures, it is always advisable to contact qualified and authorized centers for this type of treatment.

Little tips after the massage

After a Hot Stone massage it is always recommended to integrate a hot drink such as tea, herbal tea or hot water with lemon, to carry on the process of purifying the body and energy.

It will be our care to check the heat of the stones placed on the chakras from time to time so as to be able to replace those that have now become cold or lukewarm with other hot ones that we have previously placed in the special pot called “stone heater” in which they are in a bain-marie and are kept at temperature.

The hot stone first of all consists of three distinct parts, the first of placing the stones in position, the second of classic manual massage and the third of massage with the use of stones.