In the past, designing office space or office planning was a very rational matter. The primary aim was to use space efficiently, to meet business management aspects and meet the requirements of occupational safety. If you managed to accommodate all of your employees in one building safely and were able to work, the task was usually already accomplished.

This resulted in the long corridors that kinked left and right into cubicle offices. Creativity and appealing corporate communication were mostly limited to the reception. However, Interior Design Bangkok has evolved from a pure hygiene factor to an important success parameter for the operational success of companies. The office became the centre for shaping the corporate culture.

The demands on today’s offices have changed:

  • Digitization and individualization enable a location-independent way of working
  • Flexible working does not have to take place at a permanently assigned desk
  • Work content is complex and networked and requires a healthy mix of teamwork and concentrated work
  • Boundaries between work and leisure are blurring
  • These requirements for a modern workplace form the foundation on which the interior designer builds his office planning.

Just as every company is unique, the office space must also be individually tailored to the needs of the company. A logistics company works differently than an advertising agency and therefore needs different room layouts. There are also different roles within companies that have different requirements for the workplace. The work environment of the accountant differs significantly from that of the salesperson. Before the interior designer starts planning, an intensive analysis must first be carried out.

Interior Design

Office space design does not just mean making your offices beautiful and buying comfortable furniture. The interior designer has done a good job if:

  • The flow of information has improved
  • Functionality and safety are guaranteed
  • No space is wasted
  • Employees can better identify with your company
  • Visitors immediately understand which company they are in
  • The corporate identity is projected